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Making a start yourself - before you hire a consultant look at the HSE Noise Topic Pack. This details noise control methods that you should already be using.


What will a consultant’s noise at work survey give me?  A starting point for your risk assessment.  There are other issues that you will still have to deal with (for example, should you provide health surveillance and/or training to your employees?).  Remember that it is up to you to act on the advice you get. 


Helpful information - Consider issuing a tender document outlining what you expect and/or ask the consultant to sign off on the first two sections in the table below.

If you think there is something in the report that could cause harm to somebody’s health and safety, take your concern to the consultant.  If their reply does not fix the problem, contact their professional association. If there is still a risk to health and safety as a direct result of the actions of the consultant, consider raising a concern with HSE via their concerns page.


The Health and Safety Executive provided support to the ANC, BOHS, IOA, and IOSH in producing this guidance, which is aimed at improvements within the Workplace Noise Consultancy industry. This guidance may go further than the minimum you need to do to comply with the law regarding health and safety.

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*MEC comply with the first two sections of the buyer's guide document for noise consultants. 

This editable document download is a buyer’s guide to help you pick a consultant who will be able to help you understand the level of noise risk in your workplace and provide you with sound and proportionate advice on noise control methods.

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