UK Government Introduces New Covid

Noise Limit For Bars, Pubs, Cafes & Restaurants

From the 15th August 2020 hospitality venues have been able to re-open their doors in-line with new Covid-19 restrictions and host socially distanced drinking, dining and entertainment.

As of 29th September 2020, the UK Government has passed an amendment to the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions)  (Obligations of Undertakings) (England) Regulations 2020, which states that all public houses, cafes, restaurants and bars (including hotel bars) must, during the emergency period, ensure that no music (excluding live performances) is played on the premises which exceeds 85dB(A) when measured at source.  This new amendment to the law makes the Covid noise limit of 85dB(A) a legal obligation, rather than a recommendation, meaning that premises that don't comply could be hit with a fine of up to £10,000.

All venues should ensure they take steps to mitigate the increased risk of virus transmission associated with aerosol production from raised voices, such as when speaking or singing loudly, particularly in confined and poorly ventilated spaces.  This includes broadcasts that may encourage shouting, particularly if played at a volume that makes normal conversation difficult.

MEC can help you by conducting a Covid-19 Noise Measurement Service, which includes:


  • measurement of noise at source using a Class 2 sound level meter

  • comparison of results against noise limit (85dB(A)) 

  • a certificate of compliance


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