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Obtaining occupational hygiene specialist help  


In many cases, businesses have in-house resources with adequate knowledge and competency to manage occupational hygiene (OH) themselves.  However there are times when businesses may need to obtain external specialist skills and expertise particularly on more detailed or technical issues or when specialist equipment is required. 


Meridian Environmental Consultants (MEC) is included in the 'BOHS Directory' of OH consultants, a definitive list of organisations that are recognised as being able to provide qualified and experienced occupational hygienists and  specialist OH support services. Professional members are bound by the BOHS Faculty of Occupational Hygiene (FOH) 'Code of Ethics'. Following the BOHS FOH 'Good Practice Guide for Consultants' is voluntary, however MEC strive to maintain high quality OH consultancy services and we comply with the good practice guide.

Our core company values are working with integrity and accountability. In addition, our integrated management system guarantees quality assurance, health and safety and environmental management compliance.

MEC recognise how important it is in the initial stages of your enquiry to understand the level of OH specialist assistance you may, or may not require. We can help you consider the following questions:

  • What is the challenge that I am seeking to address?

  • What can specialist help do for me?

  • Will the specialist help be good enough to solve my problem?

You can find out more information on obtaining competent occupational hygiene services by reading the BOHS 'Buyers guide for obtaining OH services'. The aim of this guide is to assist businesses wishing to engage the services of an OH consultant to obtain the appropriate competent advice for their needs. 

Things you may want to consider


When deciding upon which specialist consultant you wish to carry out your OH service(s), the following key points are worth bearing in mind:

  • Is the OH organisation BOHS registered?

  • What category of staff will be carrying out the work on-site & are they appropriately qualified?

  • Does the quotation cover everything I have asked for & does it meet my needs?

  • Are the lead-in and completion times specified, and satisfactory?

  • Will the final report be written by the consultant who carried out the exposure assessment, signed off by a competent person, and will it follow the BOHS report writing guidance for occupational hygienists 'clear and concise report writing'?

  • Is the organisation adequately insured, dependent on the level of OH services you require?

Obtaining a quotation


In line with good business practice we are aware that you will invite more than one tender. In order to assist you in the decision making process, MEC offer the following initial service:

  • All communication, pre-site visits and workplace exposure assessments are carried out by our Principal Occupational Hygienist, Neil Davey.

  • A free pre-site visit (up to 150 miles from our head office) to see your processes, discuss your concerns and gather information to begin a basic characterisation of your workplace, environmental agents and workforce.

  • A comprehensive, transparent and competitive quotation.

  • Flexible lead-in and completion times, identified & agreed at quotation stage.

  • On-going OH specialist support throughout the quotation process.

OH Services

Does the organisation offer the occupational hygiene services you require?


MEC provides a broad range of occupational hygiene services including:

Exposure Assessments 

How is an exposure assessment carried out?​

Having established the specifics of your occupational hygiene requirements and determined the level of assistance you may need, we will then carry out an exposure assessment at your premises following validated methods and using UKAS accredited laboratories where necessary. All our workplace exposure assessments are carried out by our Principal Occupational Hygienist.

OH Report 

How do I make sure I have received the help I needed?  

  • Does the OH report provide you with the practical, sensible solution to your problem?

  • Is the report too generic, or too comprehensive & difficult to follow?

  • Is the action plan achievable, and suggestions for phased work included within the report, if necessary?

  • Does the report offer follow-up conditions and offer aftercare and support?

  • Is the report completed and signed by a competent and qualified specialist occupational hygienist?

MEC's OH reports are written and signed by our Principal Occupational Hygienist and follow the BOHS report writing guidance 'clear and concise report writing'. 


Our reports use clear language and are of the highest standard based on sound, professional and fair judgement, written specifically with you in mind. 


We encourage open-communication post-report so we can discuss our findings and work with you to formulate a realistic action plan (where necessary) that is not only effective, but will ensure you continue to comply with your regulatory requirements.


Have I received good follow-up support?

MEC believe in the benefits of offering you a continuous aftercare service so we can build an understanding of your OH needs, and be on-hand to offer your business our expertise and support at any time in the future.


Where necessary, we will advise you on reassessment and we will also provide you with an optional review and audit service.


Together we will ensure you can rest easy in the knowledge that your occupational hygiene needs are satisfied, your workforce is protected and you remain compliant. 

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T:  (01833) 631203

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