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Sick building syndrome - a review of the evidence, causes & solutions

This paper seeks to define Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), distinguishing it from other building-related health issues. It summarises what is known about possible causes and give some initial guidance as to what can be done.  

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How to deal with sick building syndrome - HSG132 (rev3)

This publication is aimed at employers, building owners and building managers. It describes ‘sick building syndrome’ and its effects, how to recognise it and illustrates simple steps you can take to help improve the environment in which you work.

Workplace health, safety & welfare INDG244 (rev2)

This leaflet gives a brief outline of the requirements of the Workplace Regulations. 


Work exposure to VOC in storage areas of retail stores

Considering all types of pollutants and all countries (developing or industrialized), Viegi et al. (2004) state that 1.5–2 million deaths per year worldwide could be attributed to indoor air pollution linked to airway disease.