Occupational Hygiene News Jan 2020 

Biological monitoring for isocyanates

Biological monitoring is a simple way to check that exposure controls and working practices are effective. 

Building the Business Case for Prevention

Breathe Freely is a BOHS initiative, aimed at reducing occupational lung disease in the UK, which causes significant debilitating ill-health and an estimated 13,000 deaths per year. 

Occupational Asthma Facts 

Occupational asthma can develop when a worker breathes in gases, chemical fumes, dust or other work-related substances.

Expect post Brexit divergence

Compliance with EU rules is "non-negotiable" if the UK is to maintain post-Brexit market access in chemicals, trade associations 

Why Do Welders Need Protecting?

Welding is one of the most common activities carried out in industry.  View health hazards associated with welding...

Not So Good Vibrations

Prosecutions for failures to adequately manage the risks from vibration remain a priority for the HSE.

Making women visible in health and safety

Though women now make up 48.5% of the global workforce and 27.6% of the agricultural workforce (rising to 66.5% in low income countries) the labour market remains heavily segregated. 

Prepare for Inspections - HSE's Welding Guidance 

Jan to Mar 2020 - HSE inspectors are visiting businesses across the country where welding takes place to check that risks are being appropriately managed.