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Occupational asthma in seafood processing

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

In the current climate it’s difficult to think about other, less topical hazards to occupational health, but a review recently undertaken by HSE Principal Scientist Howard Mason reminds us of the risk of occupational asthma to workers employed in the seafood processing industry.  

Howard reviewed the University of Manchester’s Surveillance of Work-related and Occupational Respiratory Disease (SWORD) reporting system as well airborne allergen monitoring data recorded at HSE’s Science and Research Centre.

The review concluded that there was an excess incidence of occupational asthma in the UK seafood processing industry during 1992–2017, with limited airborne monitoring data for the processing of prawn, crab, and salmon suggesting that significant exposure to major seafood allergens can occur in this industry.

HSE eBulletin - 28/08/2020

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