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Protecting Workers' Health in Construction

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Managing Health Risks -

Occupational disease and illness can be prevented - it is possible for construction work to be carried out without causing ill-health, provided risks are properly eliminated, managed and controlled. This requires a concerted effort by everyone, to recognise the hazards to health, evaluate the degree of exposure, and implement effective and reliable control measures. Health risks should be managed as part of an overall system to prevent or control health and safety risks. Different terms are used within the industry to describe separate elements of the ‘health’ part of health and safety, which causes some confusion. “Occupational health”, “occupational hygiene”, and “wellbeing/health promotion” are distinct but overlapping disciplines that should complement each other and work together in a multidisciplinary approach, as depicted in the diagram. To more guidance and to freely download the 'Protecting Workers' Health in Construction' information sheet - click on the image.

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