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Updated: Nov 15, 2020

The human epidemiological evidence shows an increased risk of lung cancer in a wide range of occupations exposed to silica dust. Research from Imperial College London suggests that around 900 new cases of lung cancer each year in Britain can be attributed to past exposure to silica dust in construction, granite and stone industries, and various industrial processes. Lung cancer is difficult to treat and most of those diagnosed with the disease will die within a few years – only one in 20 will live 10 or more years. It’s estimated that nearly 800 people die a year from lung cancer caused by silica exposure at work. There are about half a million people exposed to silica dust at work in the UK, and probably around 5 million in the European Union. In Europe, the majority of these people are either employed in the construction sector (81 per cent) or in making products used in construction such as bricks, glass or cement (10 per cent). The people employed in these sectors are mostly in small companies – around 80 per cent are in organisations employing fewer than 10 people. Click on the image to read more & freely download the Factsheet....

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