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Surface Contamination Sampling

Surface Contamination Sampling


Workers, third parties at work and those away from workplaces can receive inadvertent inhalation, ingestion and skin exposures as a result of contaminated surfaces such as portable ventilation hoods and their pipework, workpieces, tools, and rest room furniture. Contaminated surfaces can create dust and vapour clouds invisible to the naked eye and operators and third parties at work could be exposed to these.

To minimise inadvertent inhalation, ingestion and skin exposures it is essential to establish which pathways are contributing to the exposure.  

The purpose of surface contamination sampling is to:

  • decide which pathways require attention to control inadvertent inhalation, ingestion and skin exposures

  • assess the effectiveness of exposure control measures

  • raise awareness among workers and the need for effective control

  • encourage changes in attitudes and behaviours

  • inform and justify control approaches when challenged

MEC can help you by carrying out surface contamination sampling, the results of which should provide you with essential information for preventing or minimising exposures to hazardous substances under COSHH.

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