About us

Meridian Environmental Consultants Ltd (MEC) is an occupational hygiene consultancy providing a broad range of services to both public and private industry sectors throughout the UK.


We have over 20 years' experience helping a wide range of industries recognise, evaluate, control and manage chemical, physical and biological agents in the workplace. MEC work with you to manage employee health protection by recognising workplace health hazards, evaluating the magnitude of exposure and recommending, where necessary, improvements in control measures, work conditions and practices.


We are members of the British Occupational Hygiene Society's Faculty of Occupational Hygiene and Faculty of Asbestos Assessment and Management. Our breadth and depth of industry and regulatory experience and technical expertise puts MEC in a unique position and is best placed to ensure you receive proportionate and effective health risk management advice and support - focusing on worker ill-health prevention. 


Our core company values are working with integrity and accountability. In addition, our integrated management system guarantees quality assurance and health, safety and environmental management compliance. 


MEC's occupational hygiene services include: workplace exposure monitoring (COSHH air sampling, biological, dermal and surface sampling), workplace noise surveys, hand/arm and whole body vibration surveys, indoor air quality testing, thermal environment (heat/cold stress & thermal comfort) surveys, workplace lighting surveys and occupational hygiene management services.

Meet the Directors


Neil Davey

Managing Director &

Principal Occupational Hygienist

Neil is a professional occupational hygienist with over 20 years' experience in consultancy at senior, management and director level...


Joanne Davey

Commercial Director

Joanne is responsible for MEC's commercial operations and will provide you with a seamless, efficient and effective customer service experience and outcome...


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